7 Business to start |business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

7 Business to start |business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

7 Business to start 

Generally people like to work themselves rather than job. This craze is growing fast in young people in India today. If you too If you want to do your own business rather than a job, there are many businesses with less income in less investment, which you can start from your home. For this, you have to invest Rs 70,000 to Rs 1 lakh. You can earn 30 thousand rupees per month.

Electric shop--Starting cost--80 thousand to 1 million Rupees

Shop of Electric Goods You can start investing upto a lakh rupees. If your home is on main road, then you can start it from home. If not, for this, you will get a shop for 5 to 7 thousand rupees a month, from where you can do this business. There is always a demand for stuff like fen, cooler, water heater, room heater, board, pulge, switch, bulb, CFL and electric wire. Especially for the weather, demand for some goods increases.

Kids Play Center--Starting cost--70 thousand to 1 million-Rupees

If you have enough space, then the business of Kids Play Center can start from home. For this you have to keep the necessary items for children to play. Where you can keep the children playing stuff. Instead you will receive a fixed amount from their parents for a monthly fee.

Internet cyber-Café- Starting cost--80 thousand to 1 million-Rupees

Internet Cyber Cafe is also a better business in low investment, whose demand is from small to large locations today. Especially, the demand for the youth is high. This is because online applications are being received from the job to admission to school and college. Also, public utility bills are also being filled online. Apart from this, the government is promoting cashless transactions.

Auto repair -initial costs-80 thousand to 1 million-Rupees

Auto repair services and garages are less earning businesses in low investment. You can start this business with two or three people together. Especially in small and big cities, its demand is very high. Due to this, most people today have a two-wheeler and a car, whose service and repair are easy for people to do.

Beauty parlor-Spa center- opening cost-90 thousand to 1 million-Rupees

Nowadays beauty parlor has become a necessity in every society. Every girl and woman in the village also need a beauty parlor for their beauty care.
The beauty parlor business is so beneficial.
You should take training before starting a beauty parlor.

Artificial Jewelery Shop --Opening Costs-90 thousand to 1 million-Rupees

These days artificial jewelery business is increasing. Jewelry has always been the best friend of women, whether it is from any age group. Nowadays men also buy it for gifts. In such a way the art of artificial jewelery can be beneficial.

Ad agency -opening cost-90 thousand to 1 million-Rupees

Advertising is the key to success of any business. Without this, the expansion of any business is not possible. Includes banner ads, news paper ads, vehicle ads, TV ads, etc.
Nowadays every young business wants to do business, so the business of the advertising agency is very beneficial.

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