Business opportunity with post office|business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Business opportunity with post office|business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Business opportunity with post office

The opportunity to become a business partner will be available at Discounted Services Regular Income

India Post is giving you an opportunity to become a partner. Through which you will find many services at the Post Office at discounted discount rates. Through this, it will be very easy for you to grow your business, as well as increase your earnings.

Post Office creates Business Partner .

Gets the opportunity to become India Post Business Partner to take advantage of more than 1.55 lakh network spread across the country. Through which you can take franchises from India Post, at the discount rate, at the speed of service, speed post service, first book and later payment, cash on delivery, direct post, e-payment, express parcel etc. At the discounted discount rate.

5 types of business can start.

Income up to 20 thousand
Post office offers franchisees for these businesses.
Stamp and Stationery Sales Registry and Speed Post Business Bills, Tax Collection and Payment Services Business, Postal Life Insurance Business, e-Governance Project

Business to invest 1-2 lakhs in it.

According to senior post of India Post, it is necessary to make an investment of Rs 1-2 lakh for the franchisees. Apart from this, it is also necessary for franchisees to sell 50 thousand rupees per month at least. Whose India Post will also review every 6 months. . Minimum Security Deposit as well
The amount will be 5000 rupees. Which will be taken as NSC.

Will have to open a corporate account

To become a business partner, you must first open a corporate account. Which you can open at any post office. You need to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) standards. After this, your corporate account will open. You can get post office discount services after opening a corporate account. After this, if you give speed post more than 10,000 rupees per month to the business post office, you will come in bulk customer category.

25% discount on Speed Post

According to India Post which bulk | The customer will give a business of more than Rs. 50 thousand each month and he will get a discount of 6.25 percent. Similarly, more than one lakh will be 9.38 percent, 2.5 lakh more to 12.50 percent and 25 lakhs to 25 percent.

First book then pay later

Bulk customers will be able to take this service. In this, India Post will have to give a bank guarantee. After that you will be able to take this feature. The period of the cut-off will be one year. After which the renewal can also be done. All parcel sent to the customer will have to be paid on a fixed date of every month. If there is no payment on time, you will also get 10% penalties.
Cash on delivery service upto 50 thousand rupees

India Post Cash to Businessman

Facilitates on-delivery service. Under this, businessmen can take cash on delivery for a product parcel of up to Rs 50,000. Cash on delivery express parcel, business parcel and speed post customer
To give. Although this service is not available on coupons, tickets etc.

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