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Domain business|business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Domain business

Earn millions by spending just 99 rupees

If you are using the internet, then use it for the benefit. | It is also important for you to have ideas. If you have an idea, then it is very good because there are many ways in the world of internet, which can earn you sitting at home. We tell you about such an idea, through which you can earn millions of rupees at a time, sitting at home in just 99 rupees. This easy-to-be-done business can be done through the internet.

Register website and make money

In the past few years, the work of making websites around the world is going on very well. Small businessmen or an institution, all want to make their website. Even people are building their own websites. For this, we first have to book a domain.

The domain name is a kind of registration, after which no other website in your name can be created around the world. You can book online domain names on many websites. It costs at least Rs 99. But the name that you want to book your domain should be available. That's where you can find the idea of earning.

13-year-old earns Rs 3 million

13 year old Akshat Mittal, who studied at Noida's Amity International School, started his website by booking domain names. The name of the website was, A company offering taxis offered Akshat last year to sell them to his website. After all, the talks between the two parties and agreed to sell the unauthorized website for Rs 30 lakh.

Domain name purchased for $ 5 million

In June 2012, some of the students of IIT started joint venture with the Real Estate Search Portal. But after a few days, they came to know that a website is registered with the name of After this, he researched the domain owner and bought this domain for $ 5 million (about Rs.36 million). This deal happened in 2013 and it is known as a expensive deal.

Facebook purchased domain from Kochi student

In December 2015, the daughter of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was born. After this, a Kochi engineering student booked a domain on his daughter's name, Maxbachen Zuckerberg. After a few days, this student named Amal Agustin came in a mail from Godaddy, asking if he wanted to sell this domain name. If so, what will their demand be?

Amal took it lightly and demanded $ 700 (about 47 thousand rupees)

When the deal was final, then it came to know that the domain name was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Although it was a morning motion for the execution, despite it, he thought that he would get a lot of money if he wanted more. After this execution has booked many such domain names, which can go ahead and earn them a lot of money.

Book a  domain

It's easy to book a domain. Domain names can be booked through many websites.,,, etc.
You can first search a good name on these websites. If it is not already booked, then it will be written with the rate of the availble.

Such a booked domain

You can process it for booking. Price of Rs 99
Ranges up to Rs 599. | On which tax or other charges
With 125 rupees to 900 rupees can be paid online. After this, the domain name will be booked in your name.

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