Grocery store business|business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Grocery store business|business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Grocery store business

How To Start A Grocery Shop Business

How to Start Grocery Store

Starting a grocery store in India is a profitable business. It is a business whose demand is not low. The work of any man can not be executed without this store. If someone starts plugging this business well then more profit is lost.

Make a business plan

To start grocery stores, first make a business plan like how much investment will it cost in this business? How much money will it cost? 1. Shops for the shop- The space for the shop is 200 to 1000 acres of feet. 2. The cost of the interior of the shop 3. The first time the carriage to buy the goods - at least 50 thousand rupees

Choosing a place for a grocery store

While keeping the place for a grocery shop, this meditation is already around whether there is a grocery shop or not. If so, how many are the rotor. If so, how much is the earning of the shopkeeper per day.

Selection of crowded location for grocery store

Choose the best location to start your grocery store so that you can increase sales and profits by selecting any location. Prior to this, keep in mind that near the housing society, busy roads, colleges, archaeologists, temples, offices etc.

Grocery store interior

After selecting both the place and the shop, when you are thinking about interior design of the shop, choose the design that is easy to place in each and the accessories to the customers.

Contact the supplier and bring stuff for the store

Once you've got your grocery shop done, you start marketing some of the initials. Contact the appellant in your area which will give you all the items available on your shop.


These are important parts for any business. Your failure depends on how your marketing is. This is the way people know about your store and its specialty.

Offer to Customers

In the beginning, you start working on worm margins, as more and more customers come to you. You happy your customers .. You can also provide free home delivery, phone, etc. For ordering.

How to attract customers to yourself

You can publish a pamphlet and put in a news papers.
Put the board ahead of the shop, in which the apology is written which you sell
You can keep milk, curd, butter, bread in addition to groceries.

How much will earn

It can take up to 4 to 6 months to reposition your shop. Everything will depend on your hard work and investment if earnings can increase manifold, once the shop goes away. According to an estimate, if you invest Rs. 1 lakh then at least initially, at least 15 thousand months.

How much is the margin (estimated)

Around 8 percent cream and toothpaste on 10 soap rice, flour, sugar 15 to 20 per cent packed items such as mushroom 15 to 20 potass food. Before you open shop, stay with a shopkeeper and take experience that buy and sell canes and also customers How to deal with it.

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