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Gym & fitness club business |business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Gym & fitness club business 

Who does not know Duleep Singh Gunna of Punjab, AKA Great Khali The Great Khali is World Wrestling Champion. Now you also have a business car with Great Khali. Opening of more than 50 gyms across the country, including fitness along with trails of saling will also be given. For this he has announced the franchisee. You do well by applying for franchises. Let's say, hmm. How can the franchisee of the Great Khali gym be taken?

What's the specialty of the gym

Starting with the name of The Great Khali Gym and Fitness Club, this gym will be built on the theme of Wrestling Ring. As soon as a person wakes up in the gym, he will be welcomed in a recorded voice of Khalee, which will be automatic. The gym will spread from 4500 to 5000 square feet. There will be magic features like Lounge, Kids Area, Khali Gallery, Marathon Trek, two Gpas, two Jacuzzis, Sweat Room (which can be used by 40 to 45 people at a time). In the Khali gallery, clothes such as idol-like shoes will be displayed and sold.

How much investment will be needed

According to the report, franchisees will be given, Rs 3.50 crores will be spent on the infusion of Jim Influenza Infrastructure, in which the Great Khali sign-up fees will be Rs 35 lakhs. Apart from this, Rs. 50 to 60 lakh rupees will be spent annually.

How much will earn

Gym membership  will cost 27 to 28 thousand rupees, most of which are of the premium. It has been speculated that at least 700 moonshwar will join a village, i.e.around  2 crore rupees will be earned from the gym. While the open gallery, children's self-defense training, gambling, aerobics and puur yoga, around  Rs 1.50 crore will be earned. That is, the money spent on the infrastructure will get back in a year.

Protein Goods will be sold in gym

Protein bars like food supplements will be sold in the lounge, which will be priced at Rs.2000 / - per piece. While mortgage will be sold in the gallery. The opening of every event will be done by the Great Khali itself. Khali students will be given priority as trainer.

How to take a franchisee?

Khali soon will announce the opening of franchise in Delhi. After this the franchisee's progress will also be announced. In addition to the online process, detailed details will be given. The details of the franchisee India website can also be given.

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