Marriage bureau consultancy business|business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Marriage bureau consultancy business|business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Marriage bureau consultancy business

It is believed that the elderly thinks that the relationship upheld, but for this it is necessary for humans to take the initiative. In earlier times, priests used to bring relationships and bond people to bondage. Today their place has been taken by Marriage Consultancy and Marriage Bureau.

What is the marraige bureau?

It is the job of the marriage bureau to provide marriage relations to the people. They have a database of brides and bridegrooms, of which people choose the profile of bride and groom according to their liking, the story of the relationship increases. This work | Marriage bureau both bride and groom | Help families and take their commission in return.

How to start

You can start the marriage bureau from a market in your room or colony. One room is enough for this, where the office opens. The office should be so big, in which at least five to six people sit easily. Apart from this, if you want you can open a room for both sides of the meeting.

Necessity to open a marriage bureau

The most important feature to start the marriage bureau is that you are of a sociable trend and your networking is good. People have the ability to impress and also have psychological understanding so that they can easily understand the origin of the front and present their relationship according to their mind. From good networking, you will be able to get married about groomed bride, so that you can keep their database ready.

How many people are needed

You can start this work alone. In the beginning, when the client is low, it can easily be handled alone, but with the increase of the client you will need one or two more people so that whenever a client gets more than one client, the attention of their likes and dislikes. Keeping their mind informed, relationships can be shown to them.

Things needed for the marraige bureau

To start this, only a few general items will be needed, such as table, chair, groom-bride's photographs and wardrobe etc. To keep the biodata safe. If you want computers and laptops too are screwy. In the modern era, it will save lives and photos and biodata and send it to the client or advertise them by email.


Neither expensive goods are needed in this business nor have too much space, so it can be started in less than 40-50 thousand rupees or less.

Marketing is important

Competition has increased tremendously in every field now, therefore aggressive marketing will be required. In addition to promoting this
Information about your marriage bureau can be shared with the people. In small cities this public crypt is proved to be auspicious.


The weather was set for the marriage and relationship for the first marriage, but now people work to build and build relationships for the whole year. People have a lot of time in today's fledgling life. In such a case, finding a yogi groom or bride for a family is a very difficult task. Marriage bureau works to solve this difficult task within a few hours. In such a scenario, the business of Marriage bureau will increase daily.

How much profit will be

The income in this business depends entirely on the client. As a registration fee from the client, an appointment is taken. The more clients, the better the income will be, but still 15 to 20 thousand rupees can be easily wiped in the early days.

Extend the business

You can also increase your business in some gambling style. Besides opening an office and doing manual work, you can also create your website. Through a website, people can gather a juga in the country and abroad and make their relationship better.

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