Restaurant business-full guide|business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Restaurant business-full guide|business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Restaurant business-full guide

How To Start The restaurant  Business

Food business in India is the most demanding business. Due to the increasing demand for online food delivery, this industry interest has been created, if you are also thinking of starting a business, then opening a stent is a better option. Along with earnings, the prospect of growth is better.

What kind of restaurant do you want to open ?

Before starting the course, you will have to decide which type of restaurant you want to open, such as veg, jaws, fast food and dijing, then you have to think again that you will start your own style or take a brand's franchisee.

How much investment will be needed

To open the restaurant, first make financial planning. After that you will have to think that you will have to do quatuna investment in this business. Plan about how much money will cost.

How much money is needed every month for the restaurant

For opening a medium level restaurant, each month 2 lakh rupees. Is spent on .

Decide location for the restaurant

To open the restaurant | The police station is very important. You should open the sturant in the crowded area, like in the mall, if there is a place in the market, there are more chances of access.


This is an important part of any business. Your success depends on how your marketing is. This is the way people know about your restaurant and its dessert.

License and permit

To open a new restaurant,business license is required

Restaurant interior

What kind of look you want to give to your restaurant depends on you. Although there is no shortage of things in the market today. But before buying, you have to know the value of the rows. Apart from this, furniture should be quite comfortable and beautiful.

Set menu

Today we are not in that round. Where only  Indian cuisine is made whole. Now customer tastes every cuisine & Likes to eat and some has also been included in the list of their favorite dishes.

Role of Chef and other staff in the restaurant

The role of chefs and other staff in a new restaurant is very important. Provide training to your staff to talk to customers. If the staff of the restaurant has been provided an aloo gown, then their costume should be clean.

Reviews & Feedback

  Be sure to take feedback from customers coming to restaurant. These sentences will ask you to improve Torrent. This is the first staircase to reach the failure. The wrong done here will drag you backward but not ahead.

Take Care of these things

Do not compromise with quality, it takes time to build a customer. But not at break. Take the material itself as far as possible. If the baggage is available then quality maintain can be done.

How much will earn

It can take 4 to 6 months time to well established your restaurant. Earnings are earned after 2 to 3 months. Now some will depend on you and your staff's hard work. But here we need to understand that the potential for their earnings is very high, if the restaurant was chosen right then earnings could increase manifold.