Solar Inventor factory business|business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Solar Inventor factory business|business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Settup Solar Inventor factory 

There is a growing trend in the country as well as in the general public towards solar power in the country. This is the reason why potentials in the solar business are also increasing. In addition to solar panels, demand for solar inventories is increasing in the market. In such a way,

Manufacturing unit is proving to be beneficial. Such You do not need big frills to apply.

Even in the less  investment, solar entrepreneurs can make a factory which can earn millions.

How much to invest

If you want to create inventories by putting a small factory, according to the model report of the Ministry of MSME, you will have to invest Rs 8 lakh 33 thousand rupees as fixed capital, while investing 5 lakh 66 thousand rupees as a three-month working capital That means that you will need 14 lakh rupees initially. You will have to arrange Rs 2 lakh 80 thousand for starting a business and about 11 lakh 20 thousand rupees will get loan from the bank.

What to do after the money is made, after the money is arranged, you have to look for a place for the factory. Small

For factory

The ripe work can run only 200 square feet. Its
Transformer Vacuum MHZ, Power Testing Panel Shaw
Machine, soldering iron 10 watt, 25 watt, CRO 30. These will cost about Rs. 7.90 lakhs.

Apart from this, office furniture can cost up to 40 thousand rupees. After that you will need 2 to 3 walkers.

How much you will earn?

You will get 4-5 lakh rupees in the first year. But the next year, this profit will be two to three times, because your investment will be greatly reduced. On machinery you will not have to spend next year. According to the report, you can earn at least one lakh rupees per month profit from next year. You can put it in the expansion of your factory.

Government will give training.

If you want to take technical training of Solar Inventor Business
Govt will give you training and Besides training NIESBUD on behalf of the Central Government, NSIC and

MSME Development Institute is given on behalf of This training

It was also told about the financial schemes of the government.

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