Vegetables business|business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Vegetables business|business ideas|Small Business Ideas|New Business Ideas|Best Business Ideas

Vegetables business

Earn good by cultivating vegetables in a modern way

Greens are an important place in our daily food. Especially in the life of vegetarians According to nutritional experts, an adult person should consume 85 grams of fruits and 300 grams of vegetables and vegetables daily for balanced diet, but in our country, the current production level of vegetables and vegetables is 120 grams per day per capita consumption. . That's why we should increase our production.

Can plan to grow useful greens in the backyard of the house using clean water, kitchen and bath water. This will lead to the execution of unused water, and the other will also be emancipated from pollution. In addition, growing greens and vegetables in a limited area can also meet the domestic requirement. Most importantly, there will be no need to use chemical substances in vegetable production. This is a safe method and the produced greens and pesticides will be free from medicines. If the fields are grown in farms then use boring water and earn better by cultivating more and more vegetables in a modern way.

Buy vegetables from the farmers and sell them in the market and earn good money.
If you have the facility to take the vegetables to market, then you can earn good by buying vegetables at wholesale prices and selling it in the vegetable market of the cities.

Earn good by opening your own vegetable store

You can earn good by opening your own vegetable store. If the business is buying vegetables from the vegetable market, savings will be reduced. But if you buy vegetables directly from the farmers and sell them in your store, then the savings will be high.

Engineer started selling vegetable

High-educated engineers of the city have started high-tech business to sell vegetables. In this business, the customers are being provided vegetables to the houses through order of home delivery through orders from the customer or the mobile. You too. Sell vegetables through e-commerce. Can earn good.

Inspiring story of a youth selling vegetable

After getting MBA degree in 2007 from IIM Ahmedabad, the country's top management institute, Kaushalendra Kumar decided to do his own business instead of getting a job and started working on selling a new kind of unique business vegetable. IIM Ahmedabad topper and Kishore of Bihar whose brand name is 'Prosperity, MBA Sajiwala' which is becoming a major company today. The company has more than six thousand farmer families attached to this company. Almost 300 people also work in this company. Apart from Kushendra Kumar, Nirmal Kumar also decided to try his hand in agriculture after doing an MBA from this institute.

Kaushalendra decided to open a new channel of distribution while bringing professionalism in the matter of delivering fresh goods from time to time and satisfaction of customers. He said, 'Our next goal is to establish a firm for vegetable growers, in order to be able to negotiate facing the changing nature of the market like FDI in retail, etc.. Kaushalendra started selling a small shop in Patna after a school and started selling vegetables. On the first day of his new business, he had earned Rs 22, and within 3.5 years, his earnings also increased to five crore mark. Kaushalendra is trying to change the social thinking of those young and educated people in Bihar, according to which they will do every work but there is nothing to work in agriculture.

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