Agarbatti Making Business|How To Start Agarbatti Manufacturing Business|ModernBusinessIdeas

Agarbatti Making Business|How To Start Agarbatti Manufacturing Business|ModernBusinessIdeas 

Agarbatti Making Business

What is Agarbatti?

Agarbatti is made by placing the scented floral coating on bamboo edges. Agarbatti is also known as Udu Bat, which is a form of sunlight. Agarbatti meets in different colors. Agarbatti burn time ranges from 15 minutes to 3 hours on the basis of their quality and size.

Importance of Agarbatti

Agarbatti is of great importance in Indian culture. In any religious work, in religious methods, there is a need for incense sticks, incense burners. Agarbatti is made in various aromas such as sandalwood, kewada, rose etc.

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Agarbatti businessbusiness ideasnew business ideassmall business ideasgood business ideas 


Agarbatti business can be started from your home

The process of making Agarbatti is very simple and in many places like Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mysore, Kannauj etc. This work is home from home. Agarbatti's house is home to less capital and without it This unit can be installed using a machine. In most places this is done by women, you can also start this business with your family members.

Scope of agarbatti business

People of many religions live in India and worship of all religions are important. Agarbattis are used for worship in all religions. Agarbattis are used in all communities of India, Sri Lanka, Verma and Indians residing abroad. According to today's situation almost 90 countries where our firearms are used. Agarbatti industry is a traditional labor-intensive cottage industry in India and Karnataka state is in the forefront of this industry. After that Bengaluru and Mysore are. At present, about 1000 units are employed in the state of Karnataka.

Accessories to make agarbattis

Raw Material 1 Nargis powder - 50 grams 2. White sandalwood - 50 grams 3. Charcoal 4. Resin and Google-50-50g 5. Adhesive powder (sticky) -100 gram 6. Flowers juice -10 grams 7. Rose petrel - 50 grams 8. Different types of colors 9. Peaked maida wood
Scented Mixture 1. Benzin acetate - 25 grams 2. Chandan oil - 30 grams 3. Benzin alcohol - 5 gm 4. Lyna-10 g 5. Linalill acetate - 5 gm 6. Alka amyl aldehyde - 2 gm 7. Indol 10% solution - 5 g

Machinery and equipment

1      Palvarisar (for thawing) 2. Mixer low nyder 3. Libra 4. Wood table 5. Plate

How to make agarbatti

Peasy Hui Maida wood - 500 grams of charcoal charcoal - 1000 - First of all, fine wood and wood charcoal are well grinded. After that, it is made by adding water to the water and making it lei. After this, powdered white sandalwood, resin and charcoal of charcoal and sticky powder (sticky), they are used by the water as required.

This sloping torch is planted on bamboo shoots. On the wooden plank, the mashala is taken in hand, and the bales are taken over the bales. Dry the prepared pieces in light sunlight on paper. After drying, the mixture which is made to flavor it, is sprinkled on top of the trays and is well mixed.

The method of making agarbatti and the method of making can be different.

Good packing and supply.

After this, weigh the talents and pack them well. Get his packing material ready in the nearby printing press. Packing should be attractive. Good quality packing and fragrance in the talents is good, then demand increases. She goes. You make your name look attractive

Prepare the brand and pack it in a good packing market.

Important things related to this industry

1.     Generally; Wages to be made in the preparation of agarbattis are given according to the beans of spices, not according to the weight of the trays. 2. The size of the tray is usually ranging from 8 inches to 10-12 inches long. For the lengthy size of the agarbattis, they should use about 1 inch long saplings from that size, because approximately 1 inch part of the palms is allowed to be empty while offering the mash. 3. After the preparation of the spice, the average number of incinables weighing 1 kilos is approximately 1300. If the spice is offered more or less, then the same ratio can be reduced or even more. 4. It should be a virtue in the fire that if it burns, it will burn, it will not burn in the middle, and when the burning heat continues, it likes consumers more.

Quality controller and standard
At present there is no ISI standard for the manufacture of Agarbatti. However, they are manufactured based on customer's requirement.

Address of raw materials distributor

Addresses of raw materials distributors:

M / s. Alor Mills & Industries, 339 Bapuji Nagar, Mysoreshad, Bangalore .26 2. M / s HP. No ll Jodih Shetty & Sons, 62, Gundopath Street, Bangalore-53
Ma Ramra Pulwaiyar and Industries, IV Main Road, New Tharaguppet, Bangalore-2 M / s Mahalaxmi Alor Mills, T-64 Gundopath Street, Bangalore-53 M / s Shakti Alor Mitra, Independence Building, RK Puram, Bangalore-9 Shri Venkateshra & Co., i. 11, Thulashi Thota Road, Bangalore-53 Lakshmi Grinding Mills, Mysore Road, Bangalore-26. Matan Khan and Sons, 14 Pension on Mohalla, Cross Mysore Road, Bangalore- 18

G. Illo Th Ramathetti & Sons, 242 Shu Dlo Stomach, Bangalore Ignace:
Flower Puriumari Product, 138 Aviepet Main Road, Bangalore-2 Lala Bar Das, Khatri, Koooooz (UP), Shibaba Sugandh Reserves, 53, Shultanapet, Bangalore-53 Goodwill Agencies, Keshav Niwas, 24. Main Road, P.B. G 9715 Gandhinagar, Bangalore-560 009

Ash Trading Co., 36 K.V. Temple Street, Bangalore-53 6. The Easter Ashes Imporium, 204, Garpet, Bangalore-2

Aromatic Agencies, 36 K.V. Temple Street, Bangalore
GM Ahuja & Co., 15-Old Sai Road, Jadek Raja Mati, Banglo2-29.
Magee Bharari Agencies, P.B. 9506. Gandhi Nue, Bangalore-9 10..
Mumtazer Aromatic (India) Pvt. Ltd Alor, Haji Matti, Ok Road, Banglo2-2 TL
Aromatic (India) Pvt. Ltd., 38 Link Road, Bangalore-3 Bamboo Tables:
1. R. Ramayeh Arumugamguti Kalasipalayam, New S, Bangalore-2 Pai i on on (Paper, Polythene Var, Polythene Printing and Litho Printing)

M / s Lakshmi Paper Industries, 33-Town Railway Station Road, Salem-1, Tamilnadu. The Paper Production Ltd. 60 Titmati teet, Madras
R.K. Paper Indies, C-18 Ambient Estate, Mudass. 58 million Litho Press, P.V. G 30 Railway Firod, Shivshahi (India) The Orrite Litho Press, P.B. 1, 17 Shivshasha

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