How Big Businesses Built With Small Cash - ModernBusinessIdeas

How Big Businesses Built With Small Cash - ModernBusinessIdeas

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How Big Businesses Built With Small Cash

If you want to start your business by taking big and famous companies franchisees, then this is a good opportunity. You can take a franchise of several major companies by investing between Rs 50,000 and Rs 2 lakh. There will be no need for large space to start such a business, but you can start this business from 250 sq ft to 750 sq ft space.

Dtdc -delivering value-delivering value across the world

Investing 50 thousand to 2 lakhs with these big companies & Start with Business
Investing 50 thousand to 2 lakhs with these big companies & Start with Business

Do business with DTDC courier

DTDC provides franchisees in different areas across the country. This requires at least 75 square feet of space. You can invest Rs 75,000 and get the DTDC franchisee. DTDC offers 4 types of franchisees - training from single franchisee, master franchisee, super franchisee and corporate franchisee company and also with IT support. Other assistants are also provided. The company claims that you can earn 40 thousand rupees to 1.50 lakh rupees per month.


 Earn on setting up  Tata Indicash ATM

Tata Indicash offers franchises to install atms. For this you can remove 20 square feet of space in your shop separately.

You must have at least 50 square feet of space in a busy and crowded area. Tata will put that ATM in the space with its ATM broadband connection. Cash will be uploaded to the machine on behalf of the company daily. The company will commission every transaction in ATM. You will have to pay Monthly Fees as maintenance, cash loading and holding charge in the month.


Take the British Institute's franchise.

The British Institute of Engineering Technology offers franchisees of Spoken English Courses. You must have at least 750 sq ft space for this. Totul Investment should be 2 lakh rupees, which includes franchisee fees. The training will be given first by the Institute, which will be free. Publicity will be made by the Institute of Strategy Institute. Stationery, such as prospectus, fee receipt, will be provided by the Student File Institute. Material related to the course will also be given by the Institute.

Dr Lal pathlabs

India's leading and most reputed diagnostic chain

 Take Lal Pathlab's franchisees.

You must have 100 square feet space to get Dr. Lal Pathhel's franchisee. 50 thousand rupees are charged by Dr. Lal Pathhel for franchisees. 25% to 30% commission from lab
The training of franchises is given on behalf of Lab. In addition to Field Assistance, Marketing and Advertising Assistance is also given.

 Take Club Mahindra Holidays Franchise

Mahindra Group's tour package company Mahindra Holidays has been offering franchises across the country. Must have an office of about 500 square feet space. The franchisee needs an investment of up to Rs 2 lakh. Together with the company, you can plan a tour package for your clients. Training is given to you and your staff on behalf of the company. Apart from the commission for tour packages, the company is given incentive.

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