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How To Open A Petrol Pump In India - ModernBusinessIdeas

obtain a petrol pump license in India, applicant or candidate must be an Indian citizen and resident of India, To start a petrol pump, the applicant must show the ability to invest a minimum of Rs.25 lakhs in case of regular petrol pumps and Rs.12 lakhs in case of rural petrol pumps,wishing to open a petrol pump in India?,To open a petrol pump, the age of the applicant must be between 21-55 years and applicant should be a citizenship of India, Learn how to open petrol bunk in India and what are the procedure, Petrol Pump Dealership,apply in the application form,Do you want to start a fuel station or petrol pump business in India?,Here is the whole details mentioned for opening up a petrol pump in India,oil ministry has also scrapped an official policy on petrol pump dealers,giving fuel retailers such as Indian Oil, offers petrol pump business franchisees in India,Is it profitable to open a petrol bunk in India?,fuel retailers like Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum,Earlier, an applicant desiring to open retail outlets in regular,easily get working capital finance, loans for petrol pump upto ₹1 Crore ✓Loan, loan for opening petrol pump or as a loan for new petrol pump,applicant should be a person resident in India In case of opening petrol pumps for rural area.

How To Open A Petrol Pump In India

Petrol pump business

Reliance, Essar, Shell, IOC will open 5000 petrol pumps

Looking for the opportunity to start petrol pump, the demand for the logo can be completed soon. The way to open retail outlets of private oil companies like Reliance, Essar and Shell has become clear. If you are also planning to open a gas station, then you have a good chance. Its starting cost About 50 lakh rupees.

You also have the opportunity to open petrol pumps

Essar Oil is going to open more than two thousand new petrol pumps across the country in the next 12 to 15 months. In this case, you also have the best chance to open a gas station. The company has opened 800 new pumps within a year. Essar Oil will start 4300 outlets by March 2017. After that the company will focus on setting up the remaining outlets.

This is how to apply

You must have 800 square meters to take the dealership of Essar Oil Petrol Pump. If you want to open on the petrol pump highway then you should have a space of 1200 sqm. You can download the application form by visiting the Essar Oil website to get the dealership. Hindi and English form of dealership
Available in You can also apply online. Http:// level3.aspx? Cont_id = tyn / vxziedc = retail form essar may2014.pdf - Download form

Transparent Dealership Selection Process

The company claims that the selection process of their dealership is absolutely transparent. The company has not pursued the tender process to provide dealership. After applying, the company will survey your place. If your land meets the company's rules, you will be allotted dealership within a month.

This facility will give to the dealer

The company will support engineering and technical support in setting up your outlet. Essar Oil will design and branding your retail outlet. Explain how to use new technology to increase the sales of the outlet. Training your staff to run the outlet. From time to time, the company will keep promoting the scheme.

This money will be given for dealership

Essar Oil will lease 800 square meters for cities and 1200 square meters of land for highways for 30 years. The company will decide how much you will have to pay for the dealership. The company will fix this amount according to your place. To get the petrol pump open, you will have to get legal approval from the government agency. As a legal clearance, you will have to license license, sales tax registration to sell petrol in retail. The company will also help you in getting legal approval.

Reliance will open 1200 petrol pumps

In view of the loss due to the subsidy given by the state-owned oil companies, Reliance had stopped all its 1432 petrol pumps in 2008. Now Reliance Industries has restarted 20% of the pump pumps since the diesel price has been de-controlled.

Shell will also open petrol pumps

Royal Dutch (Shell) has re-started its 77 petrol pump in India so far. The company has also planned to expand its network in the near future. The company has only 20 petrol pumps in Gujarat alone. Currently Shell's petrol pump is in Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Assam.

IOC will open 320 petrol pumps

Within next one year, around 4,000 new petrol pumps are likely to be opened in the country. In order to open its petrol pump on good location, indianoil has applied for 320 petrol pumps in Western UP alone. According to information from IOC, the company will open around 2000 retail outlets across the country this year.

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