How To Start a Goldfish Farm - ModernBusinessIdeas

How To Start  a Goldfish Farm - ModernBusinessIdeas

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How To Start  a Goldfish Farm

Gold fish business

Gold fish can make you rich, yes its not magic ,i am talking here about the  fish decoration  businesses because gold fish and other decoration fish prices are ranging from 3000rs – 45000rs ($500).

You will be amaze to know that  there is a bidding for fishes also and decorations fishes like gold arowana fishes  bidding range upto 1 lakh rs( $1500) and once you started the production of  fishes ,you will start  receiving the order from around the world and for it you have  to advertise in your website or in other online platform.

Gold fish business|most successful small business ideas|small business ideas in india
Gold fish business|most successful small business ideas|small business ideas in india

Now a days there is a huge demand and online market  for decoration fishes around the world .

What to do? How to start ? How much you will earn ?

For the farming of decoration fishes & its business,,you have to spend 1-1.5 lakh rs.( $1000)  and around 50000 rs  of it in 100 sq-ft aquarium.

Apart from this you have to spend on different types of seeds of fish and for major species of fish seeds (100-500rs )per piece and seeds you can buy according to your need .

For it, remember to keep the female & male translation 4:1.

Seeds come from different parts of world and there are more than 600 different types of decoration fishes in the world  but only few  species of them are very expensive and there prices are very higher which includes  the golden arowana  , chinese flower horn fish, indian flower horn fish, discus are major fishes . The seeds for this types of fish comes from chennai,hongkong,kolkata, china etc. And the prices of this type of fishes are ranging from 2500- 30000rs ( uptp $500) and golden arowana is the most expensive fish among all above .

You can start earning after 4-6months .

After putting seeds in aquarium for  4-6months fishes  can be sold  but remember in one aquarium there should be one types of fishes for farming .

For ex- if you are farming golden arowana fishes,then according to the capacity..put  the seeds so that you can sell fishes after every 4months.

If you are preparing 20 gold fishes in your farming aquarium and  sells only 10  out of it..then you can easily earn in lakhs..( $1500) and minimum rate of golden fish is 15000rs ($220) for selling .

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