How To Start a Restaurant Franchise Business-ModernBusinessIdeas

How To Start a Restaurant Franchise Business-ModernBusinessIdeas

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How To Start a Restaurant Franchise Business

 Restaurant franchise business-subway

If you want to start a new business and are looking for a big brand of franchisees, this is the best time. You can take the franchise of an International Rustont Chain. You do not have to spend more money for this. There are more than 4,400 franchises worldwide in the five-decade old big-name restaurant.

What is this restaurant name?

World's Largest Restaurant  Chain Subway (SUBWAY)
Is known by name. Subway Keys There is a lot of demand in India too. Fast
The famous Subway for the menu, such as food, sandwiches, baked breads, snacks, toppings, started in 1965 in America resulted from.

And gradually it spread to the whole world. About 3 lakh people are currently connected to this restaurant chain. The purpose of the company is to get the first rank in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). Subway sandwich is so popular that Subway sells more than 2800 sandwiches every minute.

In How much will get franchisees

In India, Subway has kept only 6 lakh rupees for the price of its franchisees. Apart from this, you have to invest in the company according to the money. The location and size of the restaurant will depend on how much investment you will have to make, but Subway says that investment of 50 to 65 lakh rupees may have to be made. It also includes three months' expenditure.

Who will create Restaurants

Business does not start from the restaurant's franchisees. Especially in this business, it is very important that how the restaurant is made. What is the design of the restaurant. Here is the reason that Subway has given special attention to it. After taking franchisees, Blueprint of design will be given on behalf of Subway. In addition, the contractors will also be rated, which will make the restaurant.

Will support subway

After the Subway franchisee gives you full training. Additionally, advertisers support advertisements. List of vendors by Subway too. You can buy stuff, which will give you good quality goods at a low cost. Subway employs development agents in your area, which supports you from time to time.

Are Royalty will be taken by Subway

Apart from the Subway, royalty and advertising fees are also taken. The restaurant is given 12.5 per cent of the total sales (tax deducted) subway in a week.

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