How To Start a Solar Energy Business-ModernBusinessIdeas

How To Start a Solar Energy Business-ModernBusinessIdeas

Start a Solar Energy Business

5 Opportunities for Solar Business in less Money
1.     Business Associate 2. Dealer 3. Distributor 4. Franchisee 5. Agent

Solar business opportunities are increasing in the country. You can also invest 20 to 50 thousand rupees and start a solar business in collaboration with big companies. These companies are giving you the opportunity to create associates, dealers, distributors, franchises. Today we are going to tell you which companies are giving such opportunities and how you do with them Can be connected.

Solar franchise businessbusiness ideasnew business ideassmall business ideasgood business ideas
Solar franchise businessbusiness ideasnew business ideassmall business ideasgood business ideas 


Price of Solar Franchisee Business

1.     Tier 1 City - 32 thousand rupees 2. Tier 2 City - 28 thousand rupees 3. Tier 3 City - 25 thousand rupees 4. Town - 20 thousand rupees

Take franchisee In  20 to 32 thousand rupees

India Solar Energy is offering franchisees across the country by Solar Plant Installation and Commissioning Company. There are separate charges for this. 20,000 rupees for those who take franchisees in town, Rs 25 thousand in Tier Shri City, Rs 28 thousand in Tier-Two City and Rs 32 thousand in Tier One City. You can open your office on a franchisee only at 150 square feet. Trainings are also given on behalf of the company, for which the charge is taken separately.

Solar Business Associate

Business by putting 25000 rupees

Can become Associate.

  10 thousand rupees to 20 million Earning up

Business associate created in 25 thousand

Being a business associate, Sol-products company Su-cam is making business associates across the country. According to the company, only 25 thousand rupees will become a company's business associate Could. Solar from company with this money. Provides full business training.

After the training, you can join the company as a Business Associate. For this, you have to tell people about the company's products and if people install the company's products then you will get commission according to product cost. The company claims that you can earn from 10 thousand rupees to 20 lakh rupees by becoming a business associate.

Taking the dealership is also easy

Companies making solar products are making dealers all over the country. Different schemes are being run for this. You can take a solar dealership by making two lakh investments. According to Su-cam, you have a sales and technical team to take the dealership.

Company will provide marketing and training support. At the same time, dealership is given by India Solar Energy for 50 thousand rupees, but the company says that for the dealership, the dealer has to make the first bill of at least Rs. 2 lakhs. This means that for the first time, at least Rs 2 lakh worth of goods should be taken.

Invest Rs 6 lakhs for distributorship

Bharat Solar Energy says that with the first billing of 6 lakh rupees, you can take the company's distributorship. The company will be taken as 90 thousand rupees. At the same time, you can apply online at the company's website to take the distributorship of Solar Power Company Moserbear, Indosolar, Aditya Solar. The details of how much this will cost, details of these companies are not on the website.

Become agent in  8 thousand rupees

India Solar Energy also holds commission agents to sell their products or to install solar. For this, the company takes only 8 thousand rupees. After this you can sell the company's products. The company also offers attractive commissions in return. You can contact other companies to know about their agency.

How to contact Solar Power Company

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