How to Make Money Growing Medicinal Herbs - ModernBusinessIdeas

How to Make Money Growing Medicinal Herbs - ModernBusinessIdeas

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How to Make Money Growing Medicinal Herbs 

Make Money Growing Medicinal Herbs

Everyone has a dream of earning less time and less money. But if the work is not stable then your investment can be useless.

In such a case, it is necessary to pay attention to such business, in which expenses are reduced, long-term earnings can be ensured. For this the cultivation of medicinal plants can also be a better option for you. Neither the long-form farm is needed for the cultivation of medicinal plants nor does much of the investment. It is also not necessary that you have your own farm, for this, you can farm it on farm lease.

Medicinal plantinnovative business ideasunique business ideastop business ideas
Medicinal plantinnovative business ideasunique business ideastop business ideas

These days many companies are cultivating drugs on the contract.

Can earn lakhs

Most herbal plants such as basil, artimisia annua, malali, aloe vera etc. Are prepared in very short time.

If there is no nearby farm, then it can also cultivate small pots.
You need to spend a few thousand to start cultivating them, but earnings are in millions.

These days, there are many such drug companies in the country who contract till the harvest, so that the earnings are ensured.

Good earnings in 3 months

Basil is usually associated with religious matters, but can be earned by cultivating basil of medicinal properties.

There are several types of basil, in which eugenol and methyl are synamate. They are used to make medicines for diseases such as cancer.

In 1 hectare, only 15 thousand rupees are spent in growing tulsi. But after 3 months the crop is sold for around Rs 3 lakh.

Where to contact for selling basil crop

Companies selling Ayurvedic medicines such as Patanjali, Dabar and Vaidyanath can be contacted to sell Basil crop.

Where to sell basil seeds and oil, contact

There is also a big market of Tulsi seeds and oil in the Neemuch mandi of Madhya Pradesh. New here every day. Oil and basil seeds can be sold on the rate.

Ujjain farmer life changed

Farmer Anokhalal Patidar Soybean was grown in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. But, in the year 2015, somebody advised to cultivate Tulsi. Patidar planted basil in 10 bigha land next to the fields of his soyabean. In which his total expenditure was 15 to 20 thousand rupees. After a few days rains and soya bean crops were wasted but nothing happened to Basil crop. After this, after 3 months, they sold the crop in the market, then the total earnings was about Rs 3 lakh. Now Patidars grow tulsi on a large scale.

Earnings from malaria-producing plants

Malaria causes thousands of deaths annually in India, so the cost of malaria is also high.

For the treatment of malaria, there is a chemical called Artimisinin which comes out from the plant named Artemisia Annua. You can cultivate this plant from small kari to large-scale form, which is ready in about 3 months.

Artemisia leaves have rice till 26 thousand rupees per kg. Artemisia is cultivating Annua, Bhopal's Ipka Laboratory, which also purchases goods itself.

Training for the cultivation of medicinal plants

For the cultivation of medicinal plants it is important that you have good training so that you do not cheat in the future. Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant (Sympe), Lucknow, provides training for the cultivation of these plants. Drug companies sign contracts with you through the cemap, you do not have to go around here. For more information, please visit the link below.

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