How to Start Your Own Candle Business from Home - ModernBusinessIdeas

How to Start  Your Own Candle Business from Home - ModernBusinessIdeas

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How to Start  Your Own Candle Business from Home

What is candle production?

Candle production is a creative job. A good artist good candle maker Bunu Sukta is. I need to have color combinations with design in candle production, but it is necessary to take trailing for its manufacturing. It can start with the help of family. You do not even need a bigger space for this. This work can be started in any corner of the house.

The candle business you can start from your home.

Candle production is a work that can be done at home and in the same way as the domestic industry.

Colorful and beautiful candles win everyone's heart with their beauty and flickering light. That is the reason. That candlestick industry has made its identity from rural to international level.

Candle businessbusiness ideasnew business ideassmall business ideasgood business ideas
Candle businessbusiness ideasnew business ideassmall business ideasgood business ideas 


Starting cost

Candle industry is a cottage industry, so it can also be started in low capital. You can start this business from capital of ten thousand to one lakh rupees.

Government aid

Candle production comes in the category of small scale industries. The Center and State Governments of Khadi Village Industries undertake innovative promotions and training programs to promote it.

Raw-material to make candles

Ingredients 1-wax 2- Momentum threads (wicks) 3- Pot 4 for candles- Essential oil 5- C 6- C oil
Sub: 2: 1- Cottage vessel 2- Sauce pan pot 3- Skewers or chopsticks 4-tape
5- Gararat. 6- scissors

The method of making  can be different. In  different places

Method to make candle

To make the paraffinu wax melted in a deep vessel
Please leave. It melts like Binupati Ghee Melt the candle, clean the candle mold and clean the candle mold. Clean the mold with the help of old clothes and lubricate the food (cotton or cotton) with oil. 1 so that the wax mold will stick to it.
After this, wet the old zooty cloth and lay it on a flat ground or a banyo, then take the mold over it. By doing so our wax will melt. You can buy candy or candle thermometer from the cooking or craft store. If you do not have a candy thermometer, you also use the candle thermometer. Just remember that wax is hard to get rid of. Paraffin wax should be heated by heating up to 122 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (50 to 60 degree Centigrade).

Now remove the mold (in which the candles have solidified) from the water and the thread on either side of the egg (between 0) blades or
Cut from a well 1 Precautions: Molting the wax can pose a risk of lunging. Melt the melted wax at any time. When using molten wax, take extra precautions. The thread should wrap the furry in the mold.

Where candle is sold?

To sell candles, you can contact at stationery shops, grocery stores, supermarkets and malls.

Contact the nearest market for raw materials or visit the link below e-raw-material.html

For training of candle making, contact here

For the academic qualification course, it is important to have at least 8th pass and the age limit is at least 15 years. Institute of Multi-Disciplinary Training Center, Dehradun Vulan Hosiery Training Center, Lucknow Multi Disciplinary Training Center, Rajghat, New Delhi, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Mukti Disciplinary Training Center, Patna Khadi Gramod Vidyalay Vidyalaya, Barabanki Khadi Village Industries School, Vipandi, besides there are many other training centers in the country. . For more information, call log on

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