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How to Start Your Own LED Lighting Business - ModernBusinessIdeas

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How to Start Your Own LED Lighting Business

The Modi government had started the DELP scheme last year to promote LED lights in the country. Its name has been changed to light. So far this plan is taking a lot of time. This has led to increased doubts in the business of LED lighting. Starting this business is not only easy but also kills. Today, we are providing information on introducing HAM LED Bizarova. To find out about DELP, visit this link

Start trading in low capital

Starting the trading of LED lights is also a profitable deal. For this, you have to rent the shop in a market. After the required furnishing, you can start the LED lights cell here. You can attach lights to a hole cell market or contact an appellant. You will need an investment of between 1 and 2 lakh rupees. Investing 2 lakhs you can order 20000 to 30000 rupees.

Become a Supplier of LED Business

You can start your business as a LED Installer. You can start with an investment of between Rs 2 lakh and 3 lakhs. First of all, you have to make arrangements for the store. You can also shop in the wholesale market. After this, you will also have to contact sellers in addition to the manufacturers assembling or manufacturing the assembly. A fixed number of LED lamps should be stored and supplied to the sellers according to the demand. Before starting this business you will need a strong and secure transportation service. .

How to Find Assembling Unit

Demand for LED lights is growing in the market. Assembling units that can produce LED lights at this time can be installed. A small unit will cost 5 to 7 lakh rupees. Loan can also be applied to the government under the Prime Minister's Employment Scheme. Mushinari will need machines like Component Forming, Soldering Machine, Digital Multimeter, Tester, Sealing Machine, Packaging Machine, LCA Meter, Small Drilling, Luce Meter. As raw material, LED chips, rectifier circuits, heat sink device, metal caps holder, plastic body, reflector plastic glass, connecting vane, soldering flux will be mugawana. LED lights can be made by assembling them.

The chance to make a component

After the LED demand rose, many large lighting industries in the country have started manufacturing of LED lamps. In this case, small business lamps can start the business of making components. Upon installing small workshops, it will start upto Rs. 5 lakhs. For this, the application can be applied for the loan after the registration of industry base in the district industry center or MSME Ministry. It is estimated that in the beginning, earning between 50000 and 70000 rupees can be earned.

Take training from here

The government is also giving the traction of LED business and information about the loan for business is also being provided. Ministry of MSME and REL Development Ministry

The training of LED business is being given from the side.

Treasury programs are being run on time from Mentan Khadi Village Industries Commission, MSBS Institute of Rice Development Ministry, Nissband and MSME Military, where all information about LED business is being given. For more information visit this link.


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