How to Start a Travel Agent Business-ModernBusinessIdeas

How to Start a Travel Agent Business-ModernBusinessIdeas

Travel agent business

Now a days tourism trend is increasing in people day by day due to the busy moden life ,stressful jobs and people like to visit new places with friends & family to refresh their minds and gets relaxation for some times. This is the reason that tourism  industry is growing  at 7.8% annually . According to  survey tourism  industry  will reach 418.9 billion dollar in 2022. So,you can also easily grab the opportunity to become the travel agent and earn upto 1lakh/month ( $1500).

Travel agent businessbusiness ideasnew business ideassmall business ideasgood business ideas
Travel agent businessbusiness ideasnew business ideassmall business ideasgood business ideas 


What to do? Decide first what to do?

First you have to decide whether to start your own business or opt for the travel companies franchise to start the business.
If you want to carry on this business as a part time then you can easily sit at your home and office to work from there.

Get registered under companies  act

To start the travel agent business ,if you want to start pvt ltd company or  proprietor business, you have to get registered under companies act.
If you want to have unique brand name of your company,,you can take the proprietorship trademark.

Travel agent have to pay the service tax, and for this purpose travel agent have to obtain the service tax no.
For the registeration of service tax , go to website central  board of excise and custom of finance ministry to register.  From here you will get the service tax no,

No service tax for turnover less than 10 lakh

Travel agents exempted from service tax on basis of turnover . If the turnover is less than 10 lakh in financial year ,,then the travel agent don’t have to pay the taxes and  exempted from tax.
Currently, travel agents have to pay taxes @ 15%.

Government  gives exemption  to travel agent

Government  gives exemption to travel agent on booking of business class. Service taxis charged 40% on flight booking of business class.
Also government   gives concession on package booking to travel agent .

 Government approved travel agent

Travel  agent don’t require approval from government to carry on business but government approved travel agent carries many benefits and  gets helps  & support  to start up the business .

To become government approved travel agent  ,,you have to get registered with international level agency known as international air transport association (iata). It is a world level  association of all airlines companies consisting of 240 airlines companies .

Iata gives training to travel  agent

Iata gives training to travel agent and with the approval & recognition of iata one can become international level travel agent. Another benefit  is that  foreigner tourists  will get easy booking done from you because of having international agency approval with agent.

By  becoming the member of iata ,travel agents  gets various benefits .

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