How to Start a Water Vending Machine Business - ModernBusinessIdeas

How to Start a Water Vending Machine Business - ModernBusinessIdeas

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How to Start a Water Vending Machine Business

Water Vending Machine Business

People have to go to the shops to buy water bottles or water jars because nowadays water levels are down or there is no availability of sweet water at many places. In such a situation, water ATM has come up with a new and improved business opportunity for you. Now, Indian Railways, Metro, Road Transport and private companies are also installing water atms. In this case, you can do business of taking water atms from franchisees and giving an explanation to install atms. You can easily earn 25 to 50 thousand months by doing this business.

Water Atm businessbusiness ideas in india with low investmentgreat business ideas
Water Atm businessbusiness ideas in india with low investmentgreat business ideas

What is a water ATM?

The way to place money in place, place atms. In the same way you can put water atms. Through which the user can easily take pure water. User can take a small glass of water through a coin or note in a water ATM in a jar of up to 20 liters. Such atms have inbuilt RO systems.

Can do business of supply

 Water atms are still in very few places. There is a good chance for you in this way. Under this, you can also do water supply for companies. Under which you can buy and supply directly from the water ATM companies. There are several companies in Maharashtra, Gujarat, which creates water atms. Depending on the size of the water ATM, the price is 25,000 rupees to 6 lakh rupees. Apart from this, you can supply pure water in homes and offices by putting water atms. You can also supply water in schools.

Water atms can be placed at these locations.

1.     Hospital 2. School 3. On petrol pump 4. Roadside restaurant 5. Market 6. Bus stop 7. Shopping mall 8. Office 9. Tourist place

Starting a business by  taking franchisees.

You can also take franchises for water atms. Under this, companies are now giving the franchisee option. Water atms are of three types. An ATM is such that the ring structure is of The other atms are small, which can be applied on the wall. The third water ATM quoin is operated. Where quoined dollar water is extracted.

This company is also offering franchisees.

Piramal Sarajal Company is offering franchisees for Water atms. Which is expanding in 12 states. Under this, the company has made about 570 installations. You can contact the company's website to get a franchisee. For this, the toll free number of the company can also be obtained for information about the franchisee. • The company gives installation assistance under it.

Apart from this, guarantee of component replacement for one year. Maintenance service every month

The first installs support for making a customer base.

What things are needed for water atms.

1. Must have at least 200 square feet space. Water available for water ATM. Should be. | 3 Commercial Electricity connection required for Water ATM 4. Should be chiller, delivery train, cool jug etc.

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