How to Start an Event Management Business from Home-ModernBusinessIdeas

How to Start an Event Management Business from Home-ModernBusinessIdeas

Event Management  Business 

Beauty contest,wedding,singing shows,Corporate seminars, fashion shows, movie premieres, the company is either product-latching or a theme-based birthday party, everyone wants to make their program memorable. So  event management . Manages fairs and all contest ,shows.

It takes the responsibility of managing facilities according to the budget of the client or the company. The Event Management Company works from the alienation of a party or ceremony to the implementation of it. It is their responsibility to book hotel or banquet hall, decoration, entertainment, breakfast / lunch / diner etc.

Event Management  Business business ideasnew business ideassmall business ideasgood business ideas
Event Management  Business business ideasnew business ideassmall business ideasgood business ideas 


Growing scope of event management business

There are more than 300 event management company  in India at the moment. It is estimated that its business in the country is growing at an annual rate of 60-70 percent. In the nineties, where it was only about Rs. 20 crores of industries, the turnover of this industry has grown to over 700 crore today. Given the growth rate of this industry, FICCI estimates that it will be more than Rs. 3500 crores in the next two to three years.

Party can be  organize daily

Organizing parties is also a business that you can earn with millions of rupees in your passion.

Collaborate with Corporate House Business

If you want to be part of the long-serving companies of large companies' products or can organize such seminars-exhibition invets, then you have a business opportunity. For this, the company pays 1 to 5 lakh rupees in addition to the expenses to the event management company.

Become a part of wedding celebration or birthday celebration

Become a Marriage planner at the wedding ceremony and start your business as an event company. Birthday Celebration or Home Entry or Any Function, you can take the contract of all these events. This can earn you Rs 2 to 10 lakh rupees.

Organize celebrity show

Organizing celebrity shows in your city or neighborhood
Take it Or to show With such a contract Planning. At an event you Save up to Rs 20 lakh

Organize Cultural Activities

Cultural days are being invented in cities. You can contact the artist to manage the management of these events. You can earn 5 to 10 lakh rupees by doing a cultural event yourself.

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