How to start a daycare at home -Creche and Daycare Services- ModernBusinessIdeas

How to start a daycare at home - Creche and Daycare Services- ModernBusinessIdeas

Start a daycare at home(creche)

If you want to do something like this, with the help of home care, it is an easy option to earn a living by opening the creche in the house, in creche you give somebody a little love for some time of the day and your loneliness Along with removing, money can also be earned.

What is creche?

Creche is the place where children are given a home-like environment and affection during the day. Clean the kids there
Along with changing clothes, knit clothes, they are taken care of from their eating habits and their play. The crème in crèche, from the children's meal to the gold, is fixed. There are many children with them, with whom they also learn short things.
Creche businessbusiness ideasnew business ideassmall business ideasgood business ideas
Creche businessbusiness ideasnew business ideassmall business ideasgood business ideas


How to open creche

You can open crèche at a safe place in your home or neighborhood, according to the children. If you are opening up in your house then definitely see that there is so much room in the house that children can live there comfortably. Can play with toys If there is a shortage of space in the house then it can also open the crèche by taking a place in the neighborhood. For this, you will need some toys for children, things needed and skilled, which can handle the children, who can handle them.

Material must be needed  for creche

There should be at least a lot of stuff in creche  that kids can play with them. According to the age of children, colorful toys and motor vehicles, video games, tvs for watching cartoons, bad for sleeping in them, and some books of children to write reading * buy from the market.

Maid needed to handle for children

To handle children, there will be at least 2 skilled meals in Creche, who can take care of them properly from morning to evening. They feed them, sleep on time, teach them small things etc. But yes, do not leave the children on the basis of Med, but watch the medication that they are handling the children well. If you want you can take care of them too. Many times it happens that your attention is not a little different from where it starts stolen. If Mad has made such a mistake for the first time, then forgive him. But if he repeats such a mistake then threaten him by threatening the police.

Time and fees

Creche is feesed according to the age of hour and children. Like a child aged 5-6 months and he lives in Creche from 7 a.m. To 7 a.m. Then 5-6 thousand rupees are taken. If the child comes only for 2-3 hours then Rs. 1000-1500 is collected. In most crèches, the children of the household are fed food and milk, but some crèches are also where children are given food. These crèches are slightly more in fees. At any point of time, you can start any of these .

Problems in the creche and their diagnosis

"There will be many small problems in the creche, like a child is crying constantly, suddenly its health gets damaged, the mother comes late to get her, she quarrels over the matter, complains about everything Etc. There is no need to worry with these problems, but you easily solve these summaries and the money sitting in the house is a viroma, like if the child has been continuously, not being silent then Try to know why he is crying.

Every  times children are crying because of wet japi, hunger, toothache, health problems, you should lift them in the lap, play with them in love, play with them with toys, if the child is a little older, then tell the story. If the child's health is not well then do not feed any medicine by yourself, but tell the parents about the health of the child on the phone. If they are telling the name of the medicine and asking the child to give it, then he For this, you have to take the number of medicinal outlets around you so that you can apply medicines by telling them on the phone. If the child is hurt by something in Creation, immediately inform the parents and Let's take care.

Baby food

If the child's food gets spoiled, then in such a situation, he is hungry.
Instead, eat something from your side, but keep in mind that it is fresh. Even after taking care of the child well, sometimes it happens that the mother files Complains that her child was not properly taken care of in creche, her bumpi was wet, clothes were dirty, Med scolded the baby etc. You do not get angry by hearing such things, but act as a cooperative. Explain to them that all children of the same kind of care is taken care of in Creche. If the lamps were wet, then the child might be wet just a while ago. But if a mother quarrels with you for everything, then reinforce all the things from her so that there is some kind of silence between you.

When the parents of the child come late

 Sometimes happens that mother can not reach Amuu to take the child due to any work in the office or for some other reason. So don’t be  angry or do not call it repeatedly and ask him where she is, it will come to Kub, it's time to close the crease, but keep the child patiently with him until he comes. If any unknown person comes to collect a child other than a parent, then do not give it to the child. How much she says she is familiar with the child. Ask the parents about the phone on the phone. Write his phone number, Jamu, asking for an address. Only after this the child

If you are going out of any work then

Even if you have to go somewhere outside the house and there is no other responsibility in the house, then in such a situation you can take help of your neighbors. Let them explain all the things so that there is no problem. But yes, continue to take the news of children on the phone. If you have to go out for 3-4 days, then give the information to parents beforehand so that they can take some other remedies.

What will be your role?

Your role in Creche will be very important because Mother  will leave the children on your trust. You keep them lovingly. Think of them as their mother, so that they do not realize their lack of mother at the time. In the beginning, you will have a little trouble, but you will get relief in this work. Take medicines with the help of medicines and take them out of the food for the rest of the day and then change their gold, diapers, etc. If the child is more than two and a half years then teach him some time, teach poetry. One important thing is to tell parents beforehand that children will play with creche toys. Do not send them with any kind of toy, because the kids are flirting with toys only.

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