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 Online Jobs from Home without Investment-ModernBusinessIdeas

Online Jobs from Home without Investment

It gives money to watch videos and play games Websites, millions of earnings
If you want to earn money sitting at home then it is possible today. Everyone is getting the benefit of spreading the Internet. There are many such websites in the world that give money in exchange for watching videos and playing video games. There is nothing other than seeing you in it. Apart from this, you can earn good money through these surveys on these websites. These websites are foreign but sitting anywhere in the world can earn money through them. You do not need to work full time here. Work will also be done from part time.

Trusted online work without investmentbusiness ideasnew business ideassmall business ideas
Trusted online work without investmentbusiness ideasnew business ideassmall business ideas


Apart from watching videos on this website, money can also be earned through playing video games and surveys. There are several ways to earn money on swagbucks. On this website you will get the amount of work you are already doing. Are there. That means you will be paid for watching videos and playing video games. Apart from this, you get Cashback as SB Points. Through which you can shop on Amazon and Wal-Mart. In this you can earn up to 5-10 dollars per hour.

This website is inventing many ways to earn money. You can download some of the many apps on this website, which also has their popular Perk TV. There is also an app that has they pay for watching TV at home.

User testing

After signing in and watching the video, notifications will be started on your email. In this you will be given many tasks on the website, which you have to complete on their website. You have to evaluate several websites. It takes 10-15 minutes and you will get 10-15 dollars (670-1000 rupees) for each website to evaluate.


The logo is well paid on this website. In this, more or less payments are made according to the location. You have to write your experience by shopping at different places in it. The website will give you money for this. This website offers money for many things you already do, such as after car maintenance, this website also gives money to its reviews. Not only this, many times the website also pays the bill in your car maintenance.

Survey boards

This website gives 3 pounds rewards to create profiles and sign up for the first time. Survey boards work for top companies who want to know your opinion. Instead of a survey, this website gives 3 pounds. It takes about 10 minutes to complete a survey. If you do 3 misses wrong then you will not get the next chance.


This website works for many companies. This website contains opinions about a product, service or any issue, in return for which the website gives you a reward. Reward includes Free Product, Amazon Boutures and Prize Draw. Instead of a survey, the website gives 3-6 thousand points. 80 thousand points are equal to 15 pounds (1250 rupees). A survey takes 15 minutes to complete.

The Opinion Panel Community

  This website gives 10 pounds bonus to the student to sign up. These websites provide many interesting surveys for big brands and universities. The website gives 1-2 pounds for every survey. This is a trusted site which takes 10 minutes to complete the survey. This website is also suitable for mobile. Surveys can also be done through mobile on this.


This website gives 50 pence for a survey. Separate surveys are done on issues related to social issues on this website other than other websites. There are surveys on issues related to politics, public affairs and commercial products.


It is one of the largest research websites in the world. This website pays 1 pound for a survey. In the form of rewards, this company gives Amazon vouchers and prize draws. This website sends every weekly survey, which can be answered via email.

Value Opinion

This website gives 10 pounds voucher every hour. This is a research group website. According to the person's profile, the person sends the survey, which is related to his geography and other things. These surveys can be completed in 15-30 minutes. Through this you can earn 10 pounds (862 rupees) per hour.

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