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Start Solar Geyser Business -Franchise - ModernBusinessIdeas

Solar geyser business

In winter seasons ,people started to feel  the requirements of warm water which increases the demand of solar gyser in market  and you can quickly start the solar gyser business as soon as the winter starts and can grab the huge market  in this business which helps to earn the super profit. This business is very profitable and the very attractive things about this business is that its very easy to start the business along with the less investment.

Solar gyser businessbusiness ideasnew business ideassmall business ideasgood business ideas
Solar gyser businessbusiness ideasnew business ideassmall business ideasgood business ideas 


It is a great opportunity for the ones who are willing to start the business with less investment .

You can start this business with the investment of 4-5 lakh for setting up small  plant/unit. Government also provides the loans for it under the various schemes according to which you can start the new project of around 15-16 lakhs. The new government ( narender modi govt ) have increased the target of solar power upto 5x due to which the demand of solar water gyser is also increased in the market . This is the reason that the potential of solar gyser is visible .

Before stepping into this business,,you should know the market potential of solar gyser.

First know the market potential of solar gyser. The demand of solar gyser is both  in the residential  and institutional segment. According to govt. Reports  the demand of solar gyser is 84% in residential , 10% in commercial and institutional sectors. Also there is the huge demand in hotels after the demand in houses. Also due to promotion of renewable energy by the govt.. Leads to increases the demand of solar gyser .

Solar gyser prices in market-

Different capacity of gyser is available in market but usually in houses 100-500 ltr gyser is used ,, it takes 2-4 hrs to make the water warm in winter seasons. In market solar gyser is available in different prices ranging from 16-25k (16000-25000).for the commercial and industrial customers , huge capacity gyser is available ranging from 50k to lakhs. Even after the higher prices it is long lasting than electric gyser and also it lowers the burden of electric bills.

How much you will earn?

Around with the investment of 17 lakh in  starting the unit/plant ,,,200 water gyser can be produced and you can get around 35 lakhs from the sales in the market  and after deducting all the expenses….you can earn the profit of 5-7 lakhs. After the start of sales,,the profits automatically  starts to increases because  you don’t have to spend the money in equipments and machinery again & again .
More sales = more profits . So it’s a great opportunity to sett-up the solar gyser business and earns the super profit .

How to start solar gyser project?

To start solar gyser business ,,,first you have to make a project for which the banks provide the loans according to khadi gram udyog commission and prime minister employment scheme. According to these schemes you only have to arrange the 20% money of investment ,,rest you will get the loan  and if you have 4-5lakh rupees ,then you can easily settup the  17 lakh rs. Plant/unit  for the project.

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